Marvel Studios Event Announcements 2014

Today Marvel Studios have announced a bunch of upcoming movies and who will play the Black Panther.
The announcements come out from an event Marvel Studios had about a couple of minutes ago. They show us the direction that Kevin Feige and Co. are aiming towards in terms of story arcs and much much more. In other news they have announced the "42" actor Chadwick Boseman will take on the role of Black Panther, a superhero from the fictious country of Wakanda where Captain America gets his vibranium shield from. People will notice that The Hulk has not got his solo movie, Feige says that he much like Black Widow will only be in team up movies like Avengers and More.
The following gallery shows release dates for phase 3 and little bit beyond, plus Black Panther concept and our first look at the Infinity Gauntlet.


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