EDITORIAL: Who Killed Sara Lance?

The mystery that has puzzled the fandom ever since it began in episode 1 of season 3, who killed Sara Lance? Well today I decide to compile a very short but expansive list of potential murderers.

So here we go...

The number one on my list is of course Ra's Al Ghul. Now you maybe wondering why I choose him, well I did because he is being set up as the big bad for this season which would probably entail being a main or even the single component of Sara's murder. Plus at the end of episode three he seemed quite unhappy that Sara was ever a member of the League of Assassins calling her something on lines of a degenerative part of the League. All this could all be his reasons why he would want Sara dead in the first place. BUT there is also the fact of him breaking his daughter's heart by killing her more or less girlfriend, which is not the smartest thing to do in the first place.

In a surprising twist I decide to have Tommy Merlyn as my number two as one of my potential murderers. Wanna know why, well quite recently Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of Arrow, has revealed that Tommy will come back for season 3 but in a completely different way. Now this could just be Oliver's flashbacks, a hallucination of one character, or could in fact have the real Tommy show up out of nowhere, thanks to a certain Lazarus Pit of a certain Ra's Al Ghul who has been trained by Ra's himself to become an assassin. So it could be him.

So to round up the shortlist of murderers, I think that Slade Wilson himself killed Sara. "But he is on Lian Yu, he couldn't have killed her!" you maybe thinking to which I would believe too. But for God's sake he is an ex-military, knife wielding maniac, I think he could have escaped Lian Yu no bother I mean look at Oliver, he was able because he got help. Whereas Slade could have easily made an escape plan from Lian Yu. Anyway why would he kill Sara, I don't know maybe because he wanted Oliver to feel what he felt when Shado was killed.

So these are my theories and my shortlist of potential murderers who killed Sara Lance. What do you guys think, sound off in the comments down below!


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