Girder Could've Looked Like This

In the episode "The Flash Is Born,"  Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) fought the steel-skinned supervillain known as 'Girder,' who was played by Greg Finley. It was a great episode and the highlight was when The Flash delivered a super-sonic punch to the face of his ex-bully. The 'Girder' resembled 'Colossus' from the X-Men films, but the meta-human could've looked much different.
Concept artist, John Gallagher ("V"), has posted unused concept art he created for the character, which you can view below. Gallagher also described his thought process: "Playing around with the scrap metal found object aesthetic. The original Girder is a bit wonky looking but here was trying to bridge the original with a next gen look."
Of course this could've been achieved if The CW had a huge budget for the special effects, so it would have to live on in our imagination...


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