Rumours Galore : Suicide Squad Cast Members

Recently news broke out that some of the cast members of the upcoming DC comics movie "Suicide Squad" have already been cast.
Here is a run down of the David Ayer directed movie, note that these are rumours:
In the first instance Jared Leto is eyeing the role to play The Joker in the movie. Now what is interesting is that the Joker is not a part of the Suicide Squad, so this could mean that some things deviate from the comics.
Now for seconds, Margot Robbie is rumoured to play Harley Quinn, this is according to Collider who have not given their source on the matter. But anyway Harley Quinn is to sum the character is the Joker's lover, who was once a renowned psychiatrist who becomes obsessed about the Joker and eventually becomes a right hand woman for the Joker.
The third piece of the rumour pie is that "The Walking Dead" actor, Jon Bernthal I said to play an unknown role, saying that there is some discussion going on but cannot comment any further.
These are just the only rumours going about, one other rumour says Will Smith, and Tom Hardy are being eyed for role. Another states that Jesse Eisenberg is to play Lex Luthor in the "Suicide Squad" movie.
Suicide Squad is set to be released 5th August 2016.


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