Tommy Merlyn Will Return Again For Arrow Season 3

Tommy Merlyn just won’t stay dead. Despite departing the landing of the living in Arrow’s Season One finale, Oliver’s Queen’s best bud has returned to the show twice since. He appeared as a hallucination in Season Two, then visited the show again in a flashback sequence during the third season.
And in an interview with E!, Arrow’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that Tommy would make yet another appearance before Season Three is finished. The exact nature of his return, however, remains shrouded in mystery.
“You have not seen the last of Tommy Merlyn,” Guggenheim revealed. “I will say this, the next time you see Tommy Merlyn, you will see him again on the show but it won't be the way you're expecting.”
Guggenheim could just be coyly referencing a more obscure flashback, but there could be more. Given Tommy’s connection to Ras Al Ghul via his father, Malcolm Merlyn, it’s possible that Tommy could take a dip into one Ra’s’ life-restoring Lazarus Pits.
Arrow returns to TV tonight with “Guilty” at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.


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