Warner Brothers Have Already Offered "Wonder Woman" To A Female Director

Last month, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned Warner Bros. was actively seeking a female to direct their Wonder Woman solo film, which will star Gal Gadot ("Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice").

Since then, many articles have compiled lists of women that should be considered. One of the directors that has frequented those lists is Lexi Alexander, who directed Green Street Hooligans and Punisher: War Zone. Forbes' Ellen Killoran recently chatted with Lexi and the subject of Wonder Woman came up. Lexi says she was never approached by Warner Bros., and that the studio has already made offer to another female director.

Alexander said that she has not been approached by the studio, and has discouraged her managers from throwing her hat in the ring. “I can’t say they wouldn’t consider me, but they haven’t reached out.” She said she heard Warner Bros. had been made an offer to another female director. "If she says yes, everybody will be very happy, including me,” Alexander said. “Still, I don’t see at this point why anyone would say yes. There is huge pressure … If [a female director] does fail, then all of a sudden it’s ‘all women suck at directing.’”

So what could all this mean, well one of two things Warner Brothers are definitely looking for a female director for Wonder Woman, and it could be already chosen.
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