BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Amy Adams Talks "BVS", Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck And Her DC Future

In a recent interview with Moviefone,"Man of Steel" actress Amy Adams talked about a number of things concerning the much talked about sequel to "MoS", Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, plus other things also.

When asked about Ben Affleck's interpretation of Batman she responded with "He's hot! Sorry, Jen. I have the utmost respect for your relationship, but he looks fantastic. And the work that I did with him, I think it's going to be great." Now ignore the whole hotness part and it would seem that the controversial casting of the Caped Crusader is paying off!!

Adams goes on to talk about Gal Gadot and how it was fantastic: "It was fantastic. I didn't get to work with Gal that much but just having another girl on set, when I did get to work with her, was so much fun. That kind of energy was great. I worked away with the people that I worked with before, which was wonderful." This would go with her previous comment on Wonder Woman's costume too, "I will say that Gal looks really, really good in that costume. I was like, really? They make them like you? That's awesome... For you. I'm really happy for you. Not so much for me. But, Lois is a mortal." So clearly whenever we see Lois and Diana(Wonder Woman) together, Gal would done the Wonder Woman costume.

Following these remarks Adams drops us with some interesting piece of knowledge about her future in this whole DC Cinematic Universe: "Locked?!? I'm trapped! [jokes] No. I'm committed through the next one. I know that". This is probably a clear indication that she will be Lois Lane in either Justice League P1 or P2 or event the unannounced Man of Steel sequel which will happen between 2016 to 2020. Either way Justice League P1 is to be released November 17, 2017 and P2 is to be released June 14th, 2019. So we will be speculating for a long time!

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