EDITORIAL: Why People Should Agree With Sony Pictures

In light of recent events, "The Interview" being postponed indefinitely, I have decide to take the time to write my reasons why people shouldn't be angry at Sony for not releasing it.

What comes to my mind is the horrific accident that occurred in Aurora, Colorado in July of 2012 at one of the first screenings of "The Dark Knight Rises". This led to many injured and many sadly dead. Why would such a thing come to mind well for many reasons, mainly that such an event could have occurred in one out of many theaters that would've shown the aforementioned comedy. And yes I do realise that it would've been at the hands of North Korea("Guardians of Peace"). But this would've caused much uproar in the movie and public communities as some would've seen it as a result of a production company(Sony Pictures) trying to make some money from their movie to which I would agree to some degree. But you may say that North Korea would not do such a thing well I would have to strongly disagree for one thing only and that is Kim Jong Un would be crazy enough to do such a thing.

Anyway I'm going off on a bit of a tangent. What people need to do is not to direct their anger and frustration towards Sony but to direct to the cowards who hacked them. They are the culprits who have made the cancellation a reality by threatening a "9/11" event to occur in the many theaters that would have screened "The Interview". And yes I know it is hard to control your anger, I wish I had the power to serve justice to the hackers, but trust me this a smart move on Sony's behalf to pull the plug.

What people need to realise is that if "The Interview" was to be released you could've woken up on Boxing/Stephen's Day to the headline of: "MASSACRES IN THEATERS ACROSS THE WORLD". Or something similar. So what I ask you to do is take my word on this, Sony made the right choice in the end, as people's lives have been spared as a result.


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