‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot: Sony Wants Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone & More

Sony is looking to add Ghostbusters to that ever-expanding list of revitalized properties. One of the most popular films of the 1980s, the studio has called upon Bridesmaids helmsman Paul Feig to bring it back to the spotlight. As a way to differentiate the new take from what came before, the director is planning to reboot it by using an all-female cast to fight the paranormal. Casting rumors have popped up over the past few months, but now we know Sony’s A-list wish list.

The hacking of Sony’s servers have made a lot of the studio’s plans public lately, and when executives weren’t talking about potential Spider-Man deals with Marvel Studios or 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossovers, they were discussing who could lead their new Ghostbusters film. As it turns out, they have their eyes set on some big names. Sony Co-Chairman Amy Pascall revealed a star-studded lineup in an email (hat tip Daily Beast) to Ivan Reitman, director of the original Ghostbusters:

“Paul’s movie is gonna be the first one and from what I’m hearing Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone and Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer and [Lizzy] Kaplan just to name a few have already said thy wanted to be in….”

The email in question was sent on October 8, 2014, which was about two months before Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson said that she had a meeting with Feig about a role in the film. That could explain the absence of her name from this list, since a few of the actresses in the message have been, in one way or another, connected to the project before.


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