Jared Leto's Mouth Is Shut From Talking About The Joker

Heath Ledger's Academy Award winning take on The Joker is nothing short of iconic, and the fact that it would be one of his final performances makes it even harder for another actor to follow in his footsteps.

However, if there's one man it's easy to imagine being right to take on the Clown Prince of Crime on the big screen, it's Dallas Buyers Club's Jared Leto! In a recent profile over at The Hollywood Reporter, the actor once again seems to hint that The Joker may be the role to bring him out of his break from acting. "Of course, Leto hasn't abandoned acting altogether and hints that he may have zeroed in on his next major role. Rumors on the Internet suggest it could be the Joker in a big-screen version of the DC comic Suicide Squad. "I've sworn to keep my mouth shut" is all he will say."

Now what could "I've sworn to keep my mouth shut" mean well it could mean two things, Jared is either in negotiations to play a part or he could in fact be already casted as the Joker or another role. I would have to go to the former as the Suicide Squad doesn't hit theaters in 2017 so Warner Brothers are probably still searching for talent.

Anyway do like Jared Leto as a potential Joker in the future of would rather another actor to play him? Comment down below!


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