SONY HACK: North Korea To U.S. On Sony Hack: Let’s Work Together To Find Culprit

After slamming the United States that its regime is responsible for the hack attack on Sony Pictures, North Korea proposed that both countries form a joint investigation to find the culprit. Both the Associated Press and CNN are reporting that North Korea is warning of serious consequences should Washington D.C. fail to comply with a joint probe that would Pyongyang was innocent of  cyberattack. Analysts say it’s a typical maneuver by North Korea to show its sincerity, even though the U.S. would never collaborate. On Saturday, an unidentified North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman in Pyongyang proposed the joint investigation with the U.S.. “Whoever is going to frame our country for a crime should present concrete evidence,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday adding “America’s childish investigation result and its attempt to frame us for this crime shows their hostile tendency towards us.”  The FBI announced earlier this week that North Korea was responsible for the cyberattack on Sony, which resulted in terrorist threats being made to those theaters playing the Seth Rogen-James Franco political comedy The Interview. In order to curb any kind of harm, the film, set for a Christmas day bow, was pulled off the release schedule.


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