WONDER-WOMAN: Movie Not Greenlit?

Vulture have posted a lengthy profile on Michelle MacLaren, who has signed on to helm Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. Though they do ask her about this, MacLaren obviously can't go into too much detail, though it seems that for the moment there really aren't many details to give anyway. The Game Of thrones/Walking Dead director does say that there's still no script or release date, and that the studio haven't actually given the project the green light yet. That'll happen in due time of course (barring any unforeseen hiccups that is), and we recently found out that Pan scribe Jason Fuchs was in negotiations to pen the script with MacLaren overseeing so there should be some movement on that soon too. Here is the pertinent portion of the article. There's not much there, but these are MacLaren's first comments on the matter since landing the gig.
"I ask the director for details about the DC Comics epic Wonder Woman, which she was picked to direct after a lengthy, widely publicized search. She stirs her tea. Then she warns that at the moment there is no script, no release date. There’s not even an official green light from the film’s releasing studio, Warner Bros.—and even if there were, nondisclosure agreements and her paranoia about jinxing things would keep her mum. “I really, ­really, really can’t talk about this,” she says, then gestures toward the restaurant’s picture windows, with their action-film-worthy Hollywood panoramas. “I just picture a drone coming in over the hills and crashing through the glass and flying over here and putting duct tape over my mouth, you know?”"


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