Captain America: Civil War Writer Teases Avengers: Age of Ultron Connection

You may remember during last year's "Marvel Event" that a scene was shown featuring Steve Rogers and Tony Stark sharing a fairly tense exchange, something which later seemed like an obvious Captain America: Civil War prelude. In a lengthy interview with Collider, co-writer Stephen McFeely revealed whether or not it was an intentional set up of what's to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! "I’m glad they put that in there, but I don’t even know the relationship between when we decided to Civil War and when that scene was put in, so it could just be good tension,a  good scene, but it’s a clean set up. It’s a good intro." You have to imagine that Joss Whedon had some sort of inkling of plans for Civil War, but it's more obvious now than ever before that Avengers: Age of Ultron will be serving as a fairly direct lead in to Captain America: Civil War regardless. Could Ultron be responsible for sparking the battle between Cap and Iron Man?



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