Charlie Cox Talks About Suiting Up As DAREDEVIL In Marvel And Netflix Series

Comic book fans are constantly complaining about big and small screen adaptations not being faithful to the source material, so it's hard to criticise the upcoming Daredevil TV series for using Matt Murdock's first costume from Frank Millar and John Romita Jr.'s The Man Without Fear. Still, it's hard to not want to see him don the classic red suit at some point (or even the yellow one...).

E! Online failed to ask star Charlie Cox (The Theory of Everything) about that, but did quiz the actor on what it's been like to suit up as Daredevil so far. "It's pretty tight, I'm not going to lie," he told the site. "They've done such a great job. I can't wait for fans to really see it. But put it this way, there is no world where you change in a phone box. It takes four people and about 45 minutes." Luckily, he doesn't have to go through too much difficulty when it comes to taking a toilet break, something Christian Bale famously complained about after donning Batman's suit. "They're very clever about it. You get three zippers. You zip them all up, but when you have to wee, you just have to zip one down—the wee zipper." Are you looking forward to seeing Cox as Daredevil?

Source: E! Online


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