Elizabeth Olsen And Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talk Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch For Avengers 2

We have gotten a lot of new information on the Maximoff twins for Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We don't know a lot about Avengers: Age of Ultron's Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but based on what we've been able to piece together so far, they start off in Baron von Strucker's custody before working with Ultron and ultimately The Avengers. Talking in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, star Aaron Taylor-Johnson shed some light on what to expect from Pietro in the movie. "He's very agitated because everything runs too slowly for him. He's quick at everything. He's quick to lose his temper." As for how he'll interact with the Scarlet Witch, Johnson added: "It's more about Pietro and Wanda together, a yin/yang where he's very physical and very protective of her and she's very internal and always mothering him. Pietro doesn't [frick]ing trust anybody. The only one he cares for and at the end of the day will jump in front of a bullet for is his sister, Wanda."

When it was put to him that his Quicksilver will be a pretty intense guy, he added: "I hope so. We all wanted to pull it back to the comic book. That's why we did East European accents," confirming that the duo will indeed be speaking with a European twang in the sequel.

As for how his powers will be portrayed on screen, it definitely sounds different to The Flash and X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Johnson comparing how he went about handling these moments to his childhood. "Every time I enter or exit a scene I am a blur. I would perfect the skid really well. You know how you're a kid at school and on a rainy day in the playground the skidding would be a competition? It was like that. I was really good at skidding and not just in straight lines. I would run in and then do the scene and run out and then they'd have to do it exactly the same again but without any actors. A 'Pietro Pass' is what they'd call it. Then they might need an 'Iron Man Pass' and someone might go in dressed as a big Iron Man, and then a 'Hulk Pass' and they'd get the biggest stunt guy, who's like, f*cking 300lb of muscle and he'd stand there painted green." 

Wait, did someone say X-Men: Days of Future Past?

As it turns out, Johnson was a fan of that take on Quicksilver, but doesn't appear to give a damn about having some competition on the big screen with another actor playing essentially the same character! "That was already out there before I even signed the contract. If I'd cared that much, I would have said no. It didn't phase me for one minute. What I knew of it was that Evan Peters' Quicksilver was set in the '70s, and it was different. I didn't watch any of it while making Avengers, but I did see it recently, and it was fantastic."

Talking to Empire Magazine, Elizabeth Olsen revealed her and Joss Whedon's unique approach to playing the Scarlet Witch. "The coolest thing about Scarlet Witch is, because you've never seen her, we got to create how she moves. Joss was really inspired by dancers, and so he knew that he wanted to change visually how she moves, to be more like a dancer than a fighter. I didn't really have to do much stunt training. Instead I trained with a dancer, Jenny White, which was its own kid of soreness, but it wasn't what I thought it would be."

A lot of fans have been surprisingly critical about the inclusion of "The Twins", claiming that the movie - which they have not yet seen - is far too crowded as a result of their inclusion. However, it sounds like their presence will be meaningful, with Olsen revealing the following about both the sequel serving as an origin story and her character's powers. "Age of Ultron is almost our origin story, so we don't have one of those montages where heroes learn all of their powers in five minutes. We are still discovering the things we can and cannot do. The extent of her powers isn't fully explored in Ultron. But she can manipulate objects. And she has visions, and she has the ability to share them." There's one thing Scarlet Witch isn't, however! "She's not a mutant!"

There has also been a lot of confusion about Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch too, especially as it appears as if their allegiance will shift from Baron von Strucker to Ultron to The Avengers. What leads to that? Well, it sounds like a lot of it will have be to do with their upbringing (even if that doesn't include Magneto). "Obviously there are plenty of countries in the world that hate America, for whatever history and pain they believe it has caused their own country and their own lives. That is the world we have created for Wanda and Pietro, to have been brought up in. What you're told a lot of times goriwng up is that that, country, those people, their way of living is the reason why we have been bombed. [The Avengers] are the worst evil in Wanda and Pietro's mind, not this guy who hasn't done anything yet." Oh, and what about a possible romance with The Vision, a character played by Paul Bettany in Avengers: Age of Ultron? "[Laughs] I don't know what you're talking about..."

Source: Empire Magazine


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