Netflix's CCO  Ted Sarandos spoke about the streaming service's desire to have multiple seasons of each of the current live-action Marvel TV shows in development.  However, his comments about the time between when each show would premiere on Netflix created a bit of a stir.   Well, now we have a few more words from Sanados that may shed a bit more light on the subject, particularly on when Jessica Jones (the next Marvel Netflix series after Daredevil) will air.  "Jessica Jones hasn’t started production yet, [and] a lot happens from the first day on the set to the last day of production. So we want to give [each show] enough room and enough time to make a great show, so I don’t want to set up a rigid timetable and deliver a show every eight months or every twelve months, but you should expect them about a year apart.” 

As for whether Jessica Jones would premiere in 2015 as initially reported, Sarandos stated, "It’s too hard to say now."


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