Recently, Arrow showrunners revealed that there are preliniary talks with The CW for a spinoff starring Bradon Routh's ATOM.  However, before talk of an ATOM-spinoff began, there was chatter about a possible Suicide Squad series.  However, it sounds as if David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie means that plans for a Suicide Squad TV show are not moving forward.  Here's what Arrow writer Keto Shimizu told MTV:

"You’ll be seeing the Squad in the season, but it will be different. It will be a different Squad [than the one in the Arrow 2.5 comic book], and this run sort of helps set that up… Why the Squad looks different when you see them again; and some of the issues they’ll have to deal with heading into season three."

The conversation then jump to what WB is planning for the live-action Suicide Squad movie and how that effects what Arrow is doing with Taskforce X.

"There’s certainly a lot happening in the film world on the “Suicide Squad,” and we’re all excited to see what they’re going to do with these characters we all love, and see their interpretation come to life.

Obviously, DC, they’d rather not have multiple versions of their characters happening in film and TV. Certainly that affects what we’re allowed to do in regards to Suicide Squad. But at the same time we exist in a totally different universe, and our characters are going to be very different from their version of the characters.

We’re just trying to tell the best story we can with the people we’ve already established, and to make the best version of it that we’re allowed to do.... as much as a lot of us would like to see a “Suicide Squad” TV show exist, in light of what’s happening in the film world, it doesn’t seem like it’s a possibility."

Arrow returns with all-new episodes to The CW on Jan. 21, at 8PM.



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