THE FLASH: Grant Gustin Promises "Big Twist" In 'Reverse-Flash' Story At End Of Season One

We now know that Harrison Wells is the (a?) Reverse-Flash, but is that all there is to the story? We've heard lots of hints that another may appear or that there will be some kind of twist in regards to the villain's true identity, something Grant Gustin also alluded to in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Barry is still defending Wells and still trusting of Wells at this point," he told the site. "There’s a big twist that even surprised me. I’ve seen all the predictions online. No one has predicted the big twist that’s coming at the end of this season." When we pick up with Barry in the midseason finale, the actor adds that The Fastest Man Alive (or so he thought) will be training to outpace Reverse-Flash to prepare for the next time they meet. "He’s trying to get faster and not just straight up speed, but his agility and maneuvering within it and what he can do with this speed. He has a bar set. He has to be at least as fast as the Reverse Flash."

Elsewhere, Caitlin Snow will still be trying to uncover the details behind Ronnie Raymond's transformation into Firestorm, something which will pay off for viewers in a big way according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. "She discovers the truth of Firestorm and decides she has to let it go because Ronnie is no longer Ronnie anymore. Episode 13 is called ‘The Nuclear Man,’ and we have Victor Garber and Robbie Amell in that episode, so you’re going to get a lot of the answers of what happened to Ronnie the night of the explosion. Even episodes 10, 11, and 12 have bits of the puzzle to figuring out the secret behind Firestorm, and then General Eiling, played by Clancy Brown, shows up because Firestorm is his new target."


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