THE FLASH: Robbie And Victor Tease FIRESTORM

Firestorm made his presence felt in the midseason finale of The Flash, but there's still an awful we don't know about The CW version of the fan-favourite character. In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, both Robbie Amell (Ronnie Raymond) and Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein) weighed in on their respective portrayals of each half of Firestorm and how that will play out in upcoming episodes. "Our first episode together, we're supposed to have been battling for control mentally against each other for over a year now, so there would be a familiarity -- and we already had that," Amell tells the site, before adding: "We haven't gotten to do too many scenes like that yet, but from what we've shot, there's definitely a frustration with each other. We spend a lot [of time] in my head, battling for control. You spend a year that close to somebody, you need some time apart, so I think a little bit of the humor comes from us wanting nothing to do with each other, and being brought back together and having to team up to help out Flash. I'm really excited for future episodes, where we will get to have a little more fun together."

Garber meanwhile had this to say about what it's like to be stuck in Ronnie's head, and it appears as if we should expect the usual Firestorm dynamic from the comic books. "In my second episode, we come together knowing that we have a responsibility, and we both take that seriously. Frustration happens at first -- where I just say, "You're an idiot, I just want to get out of here" -- but then, as things progress, we realize that we have a responsibility, and we both accept that. From there on, of course, there will be banter and conflicts, which is what makes it fun." Finally, Amell was asked about the costume (which you can see in the image above) and whether it will evolve into a version closer to the one from the comics which is also pictured above. Based on his comments here, it sounds like it will! "It's got a lot of evolution to go through. It will definitely evolve. Right now, it just happens to be the wardrobe I was wearing when the splicer gets put on. The splicer is really the only piece of the costume that I think will be consistent, and that'll be a staple. I think the rest of it is interchangeable."


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