Chadwick Boseman Talks BLACK PANTHER

Chadwick Boseman will first bring Black Panther to life on the big screen in Captain America: Civil War next year. Whether that will be just as T'Challa or suited up and ready for action remains to be seen, but he's one of the most exciting parts of the threequel, that's for sure. Talking to Comic Book Resources recently, the actor had this to say about what he's currently doing to prepare himself for taking on this iconic Marvel Comics role. "I think right now, it's just going through the possibilities of what he can do," Boseman teased when asked for specifics. "It's a brainstorming phase, trying to figure out what it looks like -- I'm going to be as vague as I can! -- what it looks like and what it should feel like in certain moments. But just going through [the material], because there's always a difference from one story to the next of who he is -- trying to find a way to merge those things together. Because I think that's always fun when these movies work: it's when people see several things satisfied at one time. And I think that's been the fun part so far."

He's clearly looking at different interpretations of Black Panther in the comic books then, and the site followed up by asking the actor if there's anything in particular in them which he's responded to in a more enthusiastic way than others. "Yeah. Really, all of it. It's just difficult with this particular character, because there are a lot of things in that time when it was written that did not exist but do exist now, so trying to figure out how would that work now. How is it special now in terms of technology and whatever -- but that's all I can say!" It sounds like T'Challa and Wakanda will be getting an update then. What do you guys think of these comments?

Source: Comic Book Resources


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