Chris Hemsworth Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

Last June, when Avengers: Age of Ultron was filming outside London, Collider got to visit the set with a few other reporters. While most of what they saw and learned is still under embargo, Marvel/Disney has started letting Collider and more post some of their on-set interviews.

Here are some of the things discussed in their interview:

Can you talk a little about your reaction when you first got the script?

CHRIS HEMSWORTH: It was awesome.  I mean, coming off of Thor 2 and Avengers, you know, I couldn’t wait to read this.  I just loved how it upped it in a way that wasn’t just bigger and flashier.  I mean, everything had been amplified, but in an intelligent way.  All the stories are relevant to what’s going on in the world, as far as the exponential growth of technology and artificial intelligence and the questions of good versus bad and the AI world. They’re obviously heavily influenced by that tone and that debate. He’s managed to bring all of the Avengers back in and give them a relevant reason to be there and justified sort of conflict.  I mean, it’s a tricky balance.  I’m glad I’m not the one writing the thing and having to pull that off.

The last Thor was very fish out of water a little bit. How acclimated is Thor, I mean does he go to the movies with his girlfriend?

HEMSWORTH: Yeah, I mean you know, I walked on set and we had a scene that was sort of the Avengers, it’s a party scene and I was in a nice coat and jeans and the guys just kept joking about when did Thor go shopping?  Did he buy this online or did Jane do it, or did he actually go shopping?  You don’t see him go shopping but the question’s raised, because he’s not dressed in his Asgardian attire.  Yeah, I think he’s more human in the film, definitely.

We see that you’re in your classic armor, so does Thor get a costume change in this one?

HEMSWORTH: It’s been tweaked.  It’s been more comfortable.  Each time you get a little more comfortable, a little more movement in it.  I don’t think there’s any huge changes to it.  I loved where it was in the second one.  I think we sort of landed on something because it was a bit more kind of streamlined and functional.  It’s pretty similar.

Each time we see Thor his power and abilities keep getting amped up. Are we going to see that in a new display or more powerful or more a more trained version of Thor?

HEMSWORTH: Yeah, I mean in this instance you see it’s hand-to-hand combat because if someone of his equal strength or moreso than him, so he can afford to do that.  Whereas with the people who were far less capable than him and not as strong, I said, “You know, let’s make sure he’s picking up cars and throwing them and ripping things in half and spending a bit more time up in the air and using the elements as opposed to being stuck kind of in a hand-to-hand sort of fist fight with the bad guys.”  So yeah, I think it keeps getting kind of amped up and then the stunts become more elaborate.  Yeah, we see him fly a bit more.

Be sure to click here to read up on more of what Chris Hemsworth said while Collider was interviewing him.

Source: Collider

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