David Cronenberg Talks About Influencing FANTASTIC FOUR

Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg revealed that the new Fantastic Four film will be taking a body horror approach for the teams transformations. This is an approach mostly inspired by the works of David Cronenberg. Now Cronenberg expresses his feelings about Trank taking inspiration from him.

It’s fine. Once you’ve contributed your voice to the cinematic conversation, it’s out there and it’s up for grabs, absolutely. So I don’t complain. In fact, I take it as a compliment. When you come up with something original and it really strikes a chord in people, it’s going to imitated, it’s going to be appropriated, and it’s actually kind of nice when someone just flat out admits it. That’s actually pretty good. Not everybody does.

He also takes a moment to mention that this isn't the first time a blockbuster has taken inspiration from him. Particularly the similarities between his parasites in Shivers and the xenomorphs of Alien.

As far back as Alien, for example, which totally ripped off things from my movie Shivers - Shivers featured a parasite that lives in your body, bursts out of your chests, jumps onto your face, and jumps down your mouth, and suddenly you see this in a studio film, which was hugely successful, Alien. The writer of the script, Dan O’Bannon, had seen Shivers, we know that he had seen my movie and, shall we say, appropriated it. So this is not new stuff for me.

Source: Collider


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