Firestorm Will Get A Costume Down The Road

When he returns to The CW's The Flash tomorrow night, recurring guest star Robbie Amell will be in a much different position than he's been since his first appearance in "Flash Vs. Arrow."

This time around, Team Flash understands what happened to him and is ready to help...after, of course, a little fight.

Along the way, we've seen that the jacket shared with journalists at the Television Critics Association will make its first appearance...but many fans have wondered: is that really the final costume? asked Amell himself.

"Oh, not at all.  I was actually a little upset when they posted the pictures that they did of the costumes," Amell admitted to in an interview, the full text of which will run tomorrow. "It really just happens to be the jacket that Robbie's wearing when the splicer's put on. The splicer is removable in our version of the character. Whatever he's wearing at the time can be turned into the costume. I'm sure down the road, there will be a legit costume but for the time being, it's just whatever he's wearing at the time when the splicer's put on and then it's time to go to work, that happens to be the costume."

He added, "I'm sure down the road, Cisco will make him some sort of fireproof thing and...he'll do something Cisco-y and he'll have a badass costume."

The actor added that while nothing is yet set in stone after the next two episodes, it's likely that he'll return before the end of the season for at least one more story.

The Flash airs 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



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