G.I. JOE 3 May Add Twins 'Tomax' & 'Xamot'

The third G.I. Joe movie may give us live-action versions of two classic toy lines for the price of one. Film Divider reckon the next instalment in Paramount's lucrative franchise will add a character from M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand) in the form of Matt Trakker, the leader of the good guys. Though M.A.S.K. was a Kenner property, after Hasbro purchased the company they folded them together, and there was even a Matt Tracker G.I. Joe action figure. There's plenty to be mined from this, as the M.A.S.K. premise saw the characters gain abilities from their cybernetic head-gear, and their vehicles were borderline Transformers -- could be cool additional sci-fi element for Joe, and set up spin-off movies in the process.

On the villain side of things, word is that Corsican twins Tomax and Xamot will be causing the headaches for our heroes this time around. Fans will surely be familiar with these guys as they were mainstays of the cartoon and the comic books. Apparently one actor is being sought for both roles. If all of this is on the level, it could definitely make for an interesting change of pace at least. Thoughts?

Source: Film Divider


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