Kenneth Branagh Would Be "Delighted" To Return To Marvel

Kenneth Branagh stated publicly that a scheduling conflict kept him from returning to direct Thor: The Dark World, but the rumor mill cited the old "creative differences" as the real reason. It wouldn't be that surprising given the fact that both Patty Jenkins (who was originally lined up to direct the Thor sequel) and Edgar Wright dropped out of their respective Marvel projects for that very reason, and although Jon Favreau returned for Iron Man 2, his experiences working on that saw him hand the reigns over to Shane Black for the threequel.

Either way, it would seem any problems Branagh might have had with the studio have been put to bed. The Hollywood Reporter asked the Cinderella director if he'd ever be open to returning to the MCU while interviewing him at the Berlin Film Festival, and here's what he said.

"I continue to have good relationships with all my Marvel family. It’s a people game the movie game, and although these films are big articulated lorries, they still have to be driven by real people. I fondly remember good times working on Thor. So you always look to repeat that kind of thing, and if it happened again, I’d be delighted."

Could we see him return to helm Thor: Ragnarok? Maybe he'd prefer to tackle a different character this time? Of course, just because he is interested in working with Marvel again, there's nothing to say they are -- though Thor was a damn entertaining flick and made the studio a tidy profit, so I can't see why they wouldn't be.

Source: THR


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