Mark Ruffalo Talks HULK SEQUEL, MO-CAP, And HULK Influences

In a recent interview with Empire Mark Ruffalo talked in depth about motion-capture for his Hulk performance, the problem(sort of) with doing a Hulk movie, and more. Ruffalo's answers can be seen below

You can admire Marvel for not disturbing their grand plan to rush out a Hulk movie. It would have been the easy thing to do after Avengers. 

It’s a tough nut to crack. Traditionally you’re watching a guy who doesn’t want to do the very thing that you want him to do. It’s hard to take for two hours. I don’t know how many times you can use that same framing for it, but now he’s maturing and there’s a cool dynamic growing between Banner and The Hulk. And the CGI is so much better. The stuff we can do now, you can do a real performance. I’ve been working with Andy Serkis [at his Imaginarium studio] and he has it set up where you go in there and you just start working on a character. It is so exciting to me, because I can do whatever I can imagine, with a team of people of course.

The nuances you can bring… I can make The Hulk as real as any other character I’ve ever played and in ways more nuanced, more interesting. It’s boundless. The technology is at such a place where I can do that in real time. There’s a big giant screen and a bunch of them all over the place and I’m in my stretchy motion-capture suit and there’s The Hulk right in front of me, doing everything I do. You become a puppeteer and you’re creating the way this guy moves and the way he expresses himself, and there’s a facial capture happening at the same time. In the past you would do your face, you’d move your head and you’d do all the scenes with your features and they’d capture that all and scan everything. Then I said, ‘Why don’t I play the scenes and give you that?’ We did that but it was very much taking the information from the actor and then gobbing it all together. Now I can do all of that with every nuance and I hang out there for six hours at a time. Let’s try this, what if he’s like this? All of a sudden you’re building this thing that no-one ever imagined. It’s based on the script but it’s also free. What we can do with The Hulk now… oh my gosh, it’s going to be mind-blowing.

On Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, they did the mo-cap stuff on location…

(Nodding) I do it on location now. I’ll bring a sound system with me and when I breathe, it has this mass and it has this sound and it fills the set, and that informs my movement. It helps everybody else with the reactions - all of a sudden this creature is present. Even the sound helps you. When I’m at Andy’s place, we tweak the sound until it sounds like we want it to sound and the whole character just comes alive. Oh man, it’s so exciting. There’s a lot more of my participation in that this time. Where this is going to be by the time they’re ready to do another Hulk movie, it’s so exciting. We can do such great stuff. It’ll be seamless between that character and Banner and you’ll have the feeling that you’re literally watching another person.

Where does the Hulk come from, for you? What are your influences?

There are a lot of apes and gorillas and cats in Hulk. I was using a lot of that stuff in the first one. This one has that. Rage is one emotion. It’s hard to give it much geography when it’s just rage all the time. I’m finding other primal things in him this time that I wouldn’t have thought to bring into it. The script also opens it up to that. He is like another person. He’s an aspect of Banner that the volume is so pumped up on. It’s very primal. It’s almost like the pre-consciousness of Banner. It’s very base in its needs and I see there’s lust, there are the essential parts of a person there. But when you think of us in our prehistoric beginnings, we were food, procreation, domination. Although he’s like a different person, there is this weird communication back and forth between the two of them. I’m starting to sense that now. I’m interested in this place where they bleed into each other.

Source: Empire


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