MARVEL'S Spider-Man Plan Maybe?

Josh Wilding of made a nice editorial of what could potentially happen for Spider-Man in the future now that he is with Marvel Stuidos(sort of). Wilding touch on the following:

It Might Be A Trilogy: The plan at one point was for the Marvel/Sony deal to cover a whole trilogy of new Spider-Man movies. There was no mention of this in the press release, but if this is still the plan, Spidey may end up sticking around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until gone 2020. It was also mentioned at the time that Marvel wanted Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. 

Sam Raimi Could (But Probably Won't) Return: Amy Pascal at one point spoke to Sam Raimi about returning to direct or produce the next Spider-Man movie, but later didn't seem to have very many flattering things to say about the helmer of the original trilogy, so this one seems unlikely. 

Joe And Anthony Russo Might Produce: After the talks between Marvel and Sony fell apart, Joe Russo got in touch with Amy Pascal to offer the services of him and his brother's newly-formed production company, Bullitt.  However, they said that a "difficult conversation" would have to take place with current Spider-Man producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad, and it clearly has based on their demotion. Whether the Russos will produce the next Spider-Man after introducing him in Captain America: Civil War remains to be seen. 

Avi Arad And Matt Tolmach Get The Boot: This has already happened, with both men demoted from producers to the meaningless role of executive producers.

The last point I am so happy for it being true. Now Wilding did touch on more things o what are you waiting for click here to read more


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