Sony And Marvel Negotiations Over Spider-Man Rights Could Resume

On Thursday, Sony announced Amy Pascal’s departure as co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment and chair of its motion picture group. Of course, the news immediately set off speculation about what this meant for the future of one of Sony Pictures biggest film franchises: Spider-Man.

Before the announcement of Pascal’s departure, Sony Pictures appeared to be heading in the direction of releasing some films based on Spider-Man villains before revisiting a movie featuring Spider-Man himself. Sinister Six was announced for a November 11, 2016 release date, and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 isn’t slated until some time in 2018.

However, with Pascal’s departure, is it possible that Sony might revisit working with Marvel Studios to include Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Evidently, Hollywood trade magazine Variety seems to think so. In an article about the change, Variety noted that Pascal “played the leading role” in pursing the current path with the Spider-Man franchise.

Variety added, “A new regime may take a stronger look at returning to the negotiation table with Marvel Studios over Spidey’s rights.”

Of course, Variety appears to be speculating on the future path of the Spider-Man franchise, but their speculation makes a lot of sense. A new regime that isn't necessarily attached to the current plan might very well find it easier to work with Marvel Studios. In fact, it could be a big win for a new regime right off the bat if they make a decision that is not only popular with fans, but also has the potential to substantially boost the financial success of future Spider-Man films.

What do you think? Do you hope Sony Pictures goes back to the negotiating table with Marvel Studios?

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