Stephen Amell Talks Suit Change, Crossovers, And More!

Arrow lead Stephen Amell has always shown a passion for interacting with his fans, but, in a recent appearance at 'Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days', he went into a suprising amount of detail about his hit TV Show. One of the big talking points was the potential for Arrow to crossover with other DC Shows, such as Supergirl, Gotham and Constantine. What he had to say was very interesting indeed... You can check out the full video below (the crossover talk starts at roughly 17:00):

For those who don't want to watch the whole video, here are a few of the particularly interesting parts. I do recommend skimming through it - he goes into detail about a number of things.

On costume change:

"The short answer is not only are there going to be suit changes, but I'm going to be changing suits."

There's also the possibility that his next costume change could come with a name change; many fans have wondered whether "Green Arrow" could be coming sooner than later, given the recent reference to Arsenal as "Red Arrow" by members of the Starling City press.

On Constantine:

"It would be interesting to cross over with Constantine, only because he knows a lot about the Lazarus Pit, which is something that we've introduced in the show this year."

On Supergirl:

"It would be cool to crossover with Supergirl because it's something with Greg Berlanti, who's the helmer and sort of the brain trust or the center of the brain trust of Arrow and The Flash - and I know so many of the people that are involved in the production of the show so that would be really interesting."

On Gotham:

"Gotham would be a tough one, just because I think they're out in a different time but the crossover with The Flash was so much fun and did so well that I can't imagine a world - a universe (no pun intended) - where that didn't happen and continue to happen all the time"

Amell also went on to clarify that, along with returns for The Atom and The Suicide Squad, we will also get to see a few more DC characters on the show - answering with a short but simple "Yup" when approached about the subject. Sadly, he failed to mention  any names. He also touched upon Ray Palmer's idea to rename Starling back to Star City (at roughly 26:30), as well as the show's potential future and longevity (13:35):

"People ask me all the time too, how long do you think you'll keep the show on for? And my answer is: for as long as it's good. Season 2 was better than Season 1, and Season 3, when all is said and done, will be better than Season 2."

Stephen also talked about who he would like to play in the MCU. "I wouldn't be Hawkeye, that'd be cheating," Amell joked. "That's like saying I'd be slightly-less-talented, left-handed me."

He added that he had originally considered auditioning to be Captain America, acknowledging that there was no way he could have gotten the job at that point in his career and praising Marvel for casting Chris Evans.

He couldn't even have auditioned if he wanted to, though; the casting notice stipulated that the actor had to be from the United States (Amell is a Canadian citizen).

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 


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