Who IS Domhnall Gleeson's Character In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As some have speculated, it looks like Gleeson may indeed be playing Luke Skywalker's son in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The rumor comes from MakingStarWars.net! According to the site, Gleeson is playing an Imperial (they claim to know this much for a fact) tasked with sending Chrome Stormtroopers after Jon Boyega's character, Finn.

So how does that gel with being the son of Skywalker? Well, apparently he'll actually be a double agent of sorts, playing both sides against each other in an effort to disarm the galaxy of its super weapons which “should not be allowed to exist according to his internal moral compass.” If the following is accurate, his mission will be successful, but a whole new can of worms will be opened in the process.

"The implications of Gleeson’s actions are supposedly huge in the film. He began this mission before his father went missing. When he succeeds in ending the Intergalactic Cold War by stopping the weapons of galaxy wide destruction he doesn’t anticipate the immediate consequences. The cost? He opens up a new front and the war turns hot as there is nothing to keep the peace with mutually assured destruction no longer on the table. The real war then begins and the fight for the control of planets and territory begins, causing a conflict the storytellers hope will lead to countless Star Wars tales for years to come."

Source: Making Star Wars


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