ARROW's Plans For Thea And Laurel

Season 3 of Arrow left fans at the mid-season break unsure of whether Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) would accept Ra's al Ghul's (Matt Nable) offer to become the new leader of the League of Assassins.  It's an interesting offer, considering that Ra's has a capable daughter in Nysaa (Katrina Law).  In comic book lore, Ra's has traditionally made this offer to Batman and the position comes with the requirement that he marry his daughter, Talia al Ghul.  Whether Oliver is required to marry Nyssa remains to be seen.  However, the show's executive producers have shared that Nyssa will have a role to play in giving direction to two of the show's main female leads, Thea Queen (Willa Holland) and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).

Marc Guggenheim told E! that although it appeared that Thea was asking Nyssa to end her life for her role in Sara's (Caity Lotz) death, the two will also find common ground.  "We're working towards telling a different story with Thea, it won't always be just her acting out.  She's processing a huge amount of guilt and regret. At the end of [episode] 15, she's essentially attempting suicide by Nyssa. It's a continuing progression. It won't just be a repetition of her acting out. In [episode] 16, she looks for closure in another way because spoiler alert, Nyssa's not going to kill [Thea]."

Laurel will obviously need further training as it looks as if Ted Grant's Wildcat (J.R. Ramirez) isn't as capable as some of the other fighters on the show.  Could Nyssa step in to train Laurel the same way she trained Sara? Could Nyssa also provide training for Thea, given the fact that her relationship with Malcolm has soured? Answers should be provided when Arrow returns with all new episodes on March 18th at 8PM on The CW.

Source: E! Online

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