Chris Evans And Jeremy Renner Talk AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

When Yahoo! Movies caught up with Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, they talked to the actors about how the dynamic between Earth's Mightiest Heroes has changed between this movie and the last one. "In this movie, it’s not about having stand-out moments, it’s about trying to have stand-together moments," says Evans. "You want to have scenes where you’re like ‘Man, the Avengers just kicked ass!’ If it’s every man for himself then it defeats the purpose of what this movie is. We have individual films for that. So I like the scenes where – as a unit – we’re all wrecking shop. And we get a bunch of those in this."

Renner on the other hand (who has made his displeasure about having such a small and uninteresting role in The Avengers clear since that was released in 2012) also sounds enthusiastic about what's to come, teasing the scale of the sequel and emphasised the new team dynamic. "[After seeing] the script, ultimately, I feel like it’s bigger. There’s a lot more action, a lot of new characters, and that makes it more complicated, but also there’s more intimacy in this one unlike the last one. There’s a lot more of us together, which I think is really interesting. I think this is an impossible script to write, from the first one to now: There a lot of people and stories to try to tell and he does a really good job with it, and he keeps it very real. There’s such a humor to it and that’s all throughout this as well." Hopefully Hawkeye's role will also be expanded in the movie!

The site goes on to confirm Tony Stark is bankrolling The Avengers now that they're free of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it's Captain America who is now leading their day to day operations. "I think [Captain America] feels very comfortable in a sort of leadership role, but I don’t think he gives orders," adds Evans. "He does structure, organization — he’s a military guy. Tony [Stark] is definitely paying the bills, and since there really is no company to report to, we’re kind of this independent unit that needs to rely on each other and work as a team, even in their day-to-day lives." Avengers: Age of Ultron producer Jeremy Latchem meanwhile reveals that each of the main cast members were given detailed notes on what their characters have been doing in the years which have passed between the films. When asked what Hawkeye has been up to, Renner would only say: "You’ll understand when you see the film."

They continued to talk about Hawkeye and whether there has been any talk of him getting his own movie somewhere down the line. "Those things are in the future. This movie has still got to do well for there to be an Avengers 3. No one is counting that egg," Renner says in the interview which took place before Marvel's Phase 3 slate was announced. "We just make the best movie we can now, and if Avengers 3 rolls around, and people want to see that, then that happens. If there’s anything else that happens, that’s not really for any one person to determine."

Source: Yahoo! Movies 

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