DEADPOOL Logo Revealed, Morena Baccarin's Role Finally Confirmed, And More Revealed!

If you are hyped up for the Deadpool movie, well you're in luck as I have some news for you! From the logo reveal to the who plays who, all here for you!

So there you have the logo which will presumably be used in marketing materials for Deadpool, along with confirmation that Morena Baccarin is playing "Vanessa". That is hinting to Vanessa Carlyle, a character better known as Copycat.

Also in Deadpool news, the City of Vancouver has agreed to allow 20th Century Fox to shut down one of the city's busiest routes, the Georgia Viaduct, for over 13 days to allow filmmakers to shoot scenes for Fox's upcoming Deadpool, which stars Vancouver-native Ryan Reynolds as the lead. As a bonus, the film's production is expected to create 1,100 jobs in the Canadian city.

“We’re really pleased with a major film like this coming to Vancouver when they had the rest of the world to choose from” said Vancouver transportation director Jerry Dobrovolny.

The use of the Georgia Viaduct is said to be necessary in order to shoot a critical scene in the film that requires a highway overpass entering a downtown core. If the teaser trailer we've already seen is any indication, this could mean another high-octane highway chase sequence is in the works. Outside of this tidbit, not much is currently known about the film's plot, but with the Viaduct being a highly public area, we are likely to see set photos possibly revealing more about the highly anticipated film in the next month or so.

Mr. Dobrovolny also assured citizens that “[he] can say with certainty that the Viaduct will not be blown up.”

T.J. Miller has been dropping hints about the role and finally confirmed the news with a picture that appears to have been taken at a read-through for the movie.

In the comics, Weasel, AKA Jack Hammer, is a college contemporary of Peter Parker, who lived the early part of his life as a relatively harmless, if genius-level nerd. But after crossing paths with Deadpool, he became the Merc with a mouth’s weapons dealer and tech guy, which sounds like what he’ll be up to in the film.

Deadpool is being directed by Tim Miller, and will star Ryan Reynolds, T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin and Gina Carano. It will open in theaters February 12, 2016.

Source: The Globe And Mail

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