Dylan O'Brien Hasn't Heard Anything About SPIDER-MAN

Dylan O'Brien (The Maze Runner) is by far the fan favorite to play Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, but is he acually up for the part? Based on this new interview conducted at PaleyFest, it doesn't seem like it.

After chatting a bit about his hit TV show, Teen Wolf, the topic quickly shifts to Spider-Man when the reporter asks him a few hypothetical questions starting with whether he'd be able to make his Teen Wolf shooting schedule work with being cast as the famous wall-crawler. He answers with a "probably not," before going on to say how he hasn't even heard about the Spidey job outside of being asked about it in countless interviews.

Skip ahead to the 0:45 second mark to hear his comments:

Ever since Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures announced their plans to share Spider-Man, rumors about the wall-crawler's casting have circulated far and wide. Some reports say he's going to be a teenager, some reports say he'll be a different race, some say it'll either be Logan Lerman or Dylan O'Brien, and there have even been a few claiming Tobey Maguire is coming back, so It's a little hard to say what fans should believe.

Based on this interview, it looks like Marvel hasn't contacted O'Brien yet. Could this mean he was never being considered? Or has Marvel simply not begun casting yet? Captain America: Civil War is still a ways away, so it's completely fathomable that all the Spidey casting murmers were a bit premature. Or could this all be an elaborate ruse and he's just playing coy a la Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) & Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange)?

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