Grant Gustin Teases Reverse-Flash Twist, And More For THE FLASH

Chatting with CBR News on the red carpet, Grant Gustin reveals that Barry Allen has plenty of obstacles ahead, including a literal 5,000-lb. gorilla, a Golden Glider, a very familiar Trickster -- and a surprise twist that's going to hit the show like a lightning bolt.

Everything's about to hit the fan in Central City, it appears, so give me a sense of how that changes the tone or the scope of the show as the show starts hurtling toward the finish line.

Grant Gustin: Yeah, I mean, I don't want to say it gets darker because that's misleading, I think. I keep saying Barry has to get better at lying once he discovers more of the truth about Wells. Because he's got to face this brilliant person he's always looked up to, and he's got to not reveal that he knows the truth when he's with him. So that changes things -- that's a big dynamic change for Barry, obviously.

I mean, Grodd coming back, Snart and Heat Wave are going to be back, with Lisa Snart this time. There's a lot that Barry's dealing with in the second half of the season, and there's not as much time for fun as we move forward.

Is there room for romance in all of that craziness, with either Linda or Iris?

There is not necessarily romance, but relationship and heart drama that's just kind of sprinkled throughout all of the Flash's ventures.

The Trickster's coming too! Tell me about working with Mark Hamill.

It was amazing! It really was. It really was. Everyone grew up watching "Star Wars." Everyone. Yes, I grew up watching "Star Wars." It was surreal to meet Mark Hamill. He was amazing. He was so excited about being a part of this. He really busted his ass. No part of him just showed up and phoned it in. He delivered a really interesting character. And he's so humble and grounded and easy to talk to.

Did you fully nerd out with? Did you give him a couple "I always wanted to know this..." questions?

Yes! It was all surreal. Little snapshots I'll never forget. Yeah. We each had Luke Skywalker "Star Wars" moments with him. He signed a lightsaber for Jesse [Martin].

Tell me about the Grodd experience and shooting that, working opposite a character that is actually going to be put in there later. That's not something you guys have done a ton of.

I haven't done it yet, actually -- I have not worked with Grodd yet. But I have seen him at work. Eventually, in the next part of the season we're seeing the multiple stages of his life: as a younger Grodd, an older Grodd. Some of it is just a guy in a suit that's, like, amazing. It can actually seem like he's a gorilla. And then the other one, there's still a guy there on stilts, in a suit, and then they lay a CG layer on top of that, so he's there with us, acting. And he's amazing.

Is there a big, game-changing shock still to come in the rest of the season?

Yes. There's a twist with Harrison Wells and the Reverse-Flash storyline that no journalist has guessed -- I've never seen it online. It's going to I think really surprise everyone. And it's an original twist to the character that doesn't mess up the mythology.

But you can't dig through the comics and find it?


Source: CBR

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