Idris Elba In Talks For STAR TREK 3 Villain; Simon Pegg Describes The Writing Process As "Terrifying!"

Idris Elba is in early talks to play the villain in Star Trek 3. Elba would be one of the new additions to the third installment of the franchise, which is in pre-production with Justin Lin at the helm.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, John Cho and Simon Pegg are reprising their respective roles. Pegg, additionally, is writing the script with Doug Jung.

Details of Elba’s role are being kept under wraps. Early rumors suggest that Klingons would be the main villains in this movie, as they have not had a full presence in previous installments, but sources would not confirm if that was the case. Paramount and Skydance had no comment.

Elba is on screens with Sean Penn in The Gunman and his African drama Beasts of No Nation was picked up for distribution by Netflix.

While attending a press event for his upcoming film Kill Me Three Times, Simon Pegg spoke with Collider, and discussed the writing process for Star Trek 3, why he took on the writing duties, and when the script is due. Pegg was first asked by Collider what it felt like writing the script for Star Trek 3, his answer: "Terrifying!"

The actor would then explain in more detail what made made the writing process so frightening saying  "the timeframe we’re working in is extremely tight. It means we’re having to come up with the goods. We can’t be lazy about it. We can’t procrastinate. We have to come up with the stuff because the production is hammering on the door" 

Pegg also reveals that taking on the writing duties weren't otiginally his idea, but producer Bryan Burk's, who asked Pegg if ihe was up for it. "I owe J.J. [Abrams] and Bryan an awful amount. I love those guys. I want to do right by them, so I felt like I should man up and do it," Pegg said, revealing why he took the job. Along with this Pegg also reveals that the script is do by this June, but it will ultimately continue up until next year, because "never really, truly start writing a movie until the edit."

Source: Collider / Variety

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