Jai Courtney Talks SUICIDE SQUAD Costume And More!

When IGN caught up with Jai Courtney to talk all things Insurgent, they asked the Australian actor whether or not he's had chance to suit up as Captain Boomerang yet, and it sounds like the villain will definitely be one of the Suicide Squad's more unique members. "I’ve had a few fittings, but the costume is in development as we speak," he teased. "It’s not going to look like anything that’s been done before, and I think this whole world will look a lot different than anything else."

Seeing as all of these villains must have prior history with superheroes - or at least the law - to be locked up in Belle Reve, the site quizzed Courtney on the chances of him making some sort of appearance in The Flash starring Ezra Miller. Sadly, he wouldn't give anything away! "I’m not withholding anything, but that is a dialogue that hasn’t been opened yet," is all he would say. It would definitely be interesting to see that sort of crossover, but The Flash is still a long way off so it's hard to doubt his claims that that hasn't even been discussed.

Source: IGN Movies

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