Junkie XL On The Cultural Impact of Superheroes

Now that we know that Junkie XL would be joining past collaborator Hans Zimmer to write some of the Batman v Superman score (the Batman parts, specifically), Collider caught up with the composer, where he discussed working with massive cultural icons. "What’s interesting is that Hans and I met Zack last week and he said something in general about these superheroes," he explained. "All these heroes – Tarzan, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, all the Marvel comics – all these characters are bigger than all the directors that ever dealt with them, are bigger than all the cartoonists that ever drew them, are bigger than any composer that would ever work on them. Batman will still be around in 100 years. Superman will still be around in 150 years. Spider-Man would still be around, in some form, in 200 years. It’s such a cultural thing. So you know when you were work on Man of Steel, in 10 years somebody is going to do the music for Man of Steel, and a different director is going to be doing Man of Steel. That’s the reality. So all you can do is to give it not only your best, but your vision on what this character is, when you become one with that character."

When asked about his feelings towards joining Zack Snyder's current project, he didn't reveal much, but said when the offer was made it was "great to hear it. I got chills through my spine. I'll leave it at that." Check out the video below to hear him talk about his work on Mad Max: Fury Road and much more.

Source: Collider

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