Miles Teller On FANTASTIC FOUR: "We're Humanizing These Characters In A Way That's Never Been Done."

MovieFone's recent discussion with Miles Teller (who plays Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic) reiterates a lot of what we've already heard, with the Whiplash actor once again explaining that Josh Trank's film is "taking a lot from the Ultimate Fantastic Four, but I think we're humanizing these characters in a way that's never been done." However, there are a few new nuggets in there, primarily about the inevitable planned follow-up. Teller doesn't know if Trank will return to direct the next instalment, but is confident that writer/producer Simon Kinberg will remain heavily involved. "He is so good at creating those worlds," he explains. "He's invaluable to Fox. He's really smart and seems to have a good handle on these worlds and what he was able to do with X-Men and being able to re-energize that with the younger cast." Teller also addresses the progression from a science-fiction based origin story to a more superheroic sequel. "I mean, the more superhero stuff you get to do, the cooler it is. We'll see what happens, but yes, absolutely, as the thing evolves they should start to materialize to the Fantastic Four people more readily associate with." Fantastic Four is released August 7th, 2015, with the sequel set for 2017.

Source: MovieFone

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