New DAREDEVIL Motion Poster Released

Marvel has released another motion poster teasing the release of their first Netflix series, "Daredevil." Unlike previous motion posters that focused solely on Charlie Cox's Daredevil, including one recent teaser focused on his dual identity, this new video features the show's entire cast -- if you can spot all of them.

Cox's Murdock can be seen walking towards the viewer in the center of the composition while his allies -- Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) -- appear on the left of the screen while his enemies -- Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Wesley (Toby Leonard Moore) -- appear on the right. A little further down the block you can spot a couple other individuals, possibly including Vanessa (Ayelet Zurer), Leland Owlsley (Bob Gunton) and Ben Urich (Vondie Curtis-Hall); another character, most likely Rosario Dawson's Night Nurse, can be seen on a fire escape above Kingpin's limo.

Plus if you look at the background you can see the Avengers Tower, and also the red costume makes an appearance in the puddle that Murdoch walks in!

"Daredevil" stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, Bob Gunton as Leland Owlsley, Scott Glenn as Stick, Ayelet Zurer as Vanessa Marianna, Vondie Curtis-Hall as Ben Urich, Toby Leonard Moore as Wesley and Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin. All 13 episodes of "Daredevil" debut on Netflix on April 10.

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