THE FLASH Producers Hope to Bring Mark Hamill's Trickster Back Again

During a roundtable interview with reporters Friday, The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg admitted that there are plans to bring back Mark Hamill's Trickster beyond just this week's episode, perhaps to team him with

"Yes, that is the plan. What's so fun for us and why we were again so grateful to Mark for wanting to be part of this is, when I sit down and I think of Wentworth Miller and Mark in a scene together and watching the dichotomy of them," admitted Kreisberg.

Miller plays Captain Cold on the series and is expected to be one of the stars of the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled spinoff series featuring Firestorm and The Atom.

"I think that sometimes there's a tendency to just spit out the same villain week in and week out on these shows and for us, having people who are so different and having people who have powers and having people who are slightly unhinged but geniuses, it's...that's the other reason we wanted to do the Trickster, too," Kreisberg said. "You have so many villains who have these amazing abilities, either because they're metahumans or because they have this incredible weaponry. And what was always cool about The Trickster on both series is that he was smart. No matter how crazy he was, he was smart and he thought like four steps ahead. Watching The Flash and our team going up against somebody brilliant, a lot of the times our shows are about how to chemically or scientifically or how The Flash can use his powers to stop somebody, but this time it was, they really [have] to outthink him."

Hamill, who first played The Trickster in 1990's The Flash, will return to the role on Tuesday night in an episode that also gives him a chance to drop a memorable line from Star Wars, another project to which Hamill recently returned.

"Just the idea of being asked to play a part decades later," Hamill joked at the same screening. "...I mean, that never happens!"

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