THE FLASH Season 1, Episode 17 Description; "Tricksters"

In the March 31st episode of The Flash, Mark Hamill will return as The Trickster, the character he played in the short-lived '90s series featuring the Scarlet Speedster. Read on for details on that, and the promise of answers about Reverse-Flash's past.

MARK HAMILL (“STAR WARS”) REPRISES HIS ROLE AS THE TRICKSTER — A copy cat killer who goes by the name “The Trickster” (guest star Devon Graye) starts setting off bombs in Central City.  In order to stop the villain, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) meet with the original Trickster, a criminal mastermind named James Jesse (guest star Mark Hamill), who hasbeen imprisoned for 20 years.  Things quickly go from bad to worse when the Tricksters unite andtake  Henry (John Wesley Shipp) prisoner.   Meanwhile,  Iris  (Candice Patton) asks  Eddie  (RickCosnett) for help with a case, and flashbacks show how Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) came up with the idea for the particle accelerator.  Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Andrew Kreisberg.

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