FAN STUFF SUNDAY #4: A Fast & Delicious Ride Filled With Battles And More!

This week's Fan Stuff Sunday, has fast cars, explosive action, boss art, and something quite alien! We got the regulars Boss Logic and Alex Luthor with a triple threat, but also some newcomers in the form of Patrick Brown and Ryan Crain! Be sure to show your support for these awesome guys, click here for Boss Logic, here for Alex Luthor, here for Patrick Brown and here for Ryan Crain!

Alex Luthor's Fast & Delicious Trailer

Boss Logic's Caitlin Snow(Danielle Panabaker)‬ as ‪Killer Frost‬! Robbie Amell As FIRESTORM!

Man of Steel V The Mighty Thor

Fox Hire Boss Logic For Deadpool Poster

Incredible Hulk VS Invincible Iron Man

Patrick Brown's Alien Tribute To Ellen Ripley

Marvel's Villain Pub

Ryan Crain's Star Wars ROGUE ONE Poster with model Scruffy Rebel

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