Jason Momoa Talks AQUAMAN Costume; Will Bring His Sense Of Humour To The Role

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Jason Momoa was asked about reprising the role of Aquaman in 2017's Justice League Part One, and while we've heard a few reports about who and what will appear in that movie, it sounds like it's still in the VERY early stages of development. "Justice League is quite a ways off," the actor said. "We don't have scripts and stuff like that. I'll bring my professionalism there. I'll bring my sense of humor. Hopefully people will like that. If they don't I'll modify it." 

That sounds like an interesting approach, but not half as interesting as the very unique look he could be seen sporting in the first official image Tweeted out by director Zack Snyder not too long ago. "Michael [Wilkinson], the head costume designer, he created all of that," Momoa revealed. "I basically just showed up and he made it happen. And It's all Zack, through his genius mind. I'm going to be in one of the biggest movies in history in a minute, playing a superhero. And I have kids so that's cool. My kids can finally see something that I'm in."

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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