MARVEL MADNESS #3: Hawkeye Going Solo?, Marvel Annoyed With Joss, Scarlet Witch Costume And MORE!

So it is another Wednesday and that means another Marvel Madness! This week's edition covers topics like a possible Hawkeye solo movie, Marvel butting heads with Joss Whedon, the updated Scarlet Witch costume, and MORE!

Iron Man, Captain America and Thor each must be something special. Out of the current Avengers line-up (not including Edward Norton’s Hulk), they are the only ones to have starred in standalone films. While Marvel teased big plans for Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and Scarlett Johansson keeps lobbying for a Black Widow movie, poor Hawkeye is chillin' in left field. He does have a significantly larger part to play in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but will we ever get to see him in a solo Hawkeye film?

The Daily Beast recently spoke with Renner about his latest reprisal of the character for this weekend’s big superhero movie event, but the site also asked about this pressing issue. According to Renner, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

There are always talks about things, but that doesn’t ever mean they’ll become a reality. All these things can still happen. They just pave some road and plant some seeds for future things—if they choose to go down that road.


So at the end of Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) becomes a full-fledged member of the team, and gets a brand new costume (and hairdo) to mark the occasion. She's seen using her powers to levitate, and as she lands the camera pans up for the reveal, which is why we only have an image of her from the waist up. Those hoping for something more similar to the barely there outfit she sports in the comics might be disappointed, but I think most would agree it's a pretty cool look for the character.

Posted by Sean Murphy TV on Monday, 27 April 2015

Spider-Man: The New Avenger? According to Umberto Gonzales (who is no longer part of Latino-Review and is instead creating his own site), that might be the title of Marvel's Spider-Man reboot.

It's strictly a rumour for now, and chances are that those previous reports about the movie being called Spectacular Spider-Man were correct. However, Spider-Man: The New Avenger works a lot better, especially as it will make it clear to regular moviegoers that this version of the wall-crawler exists in the same world as The Avengers, and not the one created by The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Kevin Feige will want to do everything possible to distance this franchise from that one.

This title would also confirm that Spidey will be a member of the team which rumour has it will be led by Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Joss Whedon has been talking about the confusion he caused by killing off Agent Coulson in The Avengers movie, bringing him back to life in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, but then keeping him dead for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

IGN caught up with the writer-director to discuss the new film, and asked if Phil Coulson is indeed still deceased as far as the movies are concerned.

“Yeah he’s dead. The entire television series is just a fever dream. It’s a Jacob’s Ladder moment he’s having at the point of death, but we don’t give that away until after season seven. And there’s a snow globe. Now I’ve given it away. Bollocks!

“It’s a weird little yes and no. As far as I’m concerned in the films, yes he’s dead. In terms of the narrative of these guys [The Avengers] his loss was very important. When I created the television show, it was sort of on the understanding that this can work and we can do it with integrity, but these Avengers movies are for people to see the Avengers movies and nothing else. And it would neither make sense nor be useful to say ‘Oh and by the way remember me? I died!’”

And it sounds like the somewhat confusing decision has caused some consternation within the MCU.

“I think actually the movie people were a little bit cross about the TV show." “They were sort of like ‘Well you can have this but not this. And this but not that.’ It’s complicated enough as it is without me adding another layer of complication. We also created a TV show called S.H.I.E.L.D. right before they made a movie where they destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D.. So everybody’s having a GREAT time!”

In the above interview with IGN, Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon confirms that he pushed for Daredevil to get a movie rather than a TV show. It's not a fight he won obviously, and Kevin Feige's decision to reboot the character on the small screen obviously paid off in a major way as the Netflix series has been hugely successful. Why then did Whedon want DD to get a movie?

"I fought for Daredevil to be a film instead of a TV show," Whedon reveals. "Then under the auspices of Drew Goddard and Steve DeKnight… I’m dying to see the show but they released it just as I started the press tour! If the show’s working, the show’s working. Comic books are serialised entertainment and a lot of them lend themselves to TV shows as much or more than they do to movies." Charlie Cox has said that he would like to star in a Daredevil movie, while there have been rumours that the Man Without Fear will show up alongside his fellow Defenders in Avengers: Infinity War. A cameo in Captain America: Civil War is looking extremely unlikely. 

What makes Whedon suc a big fan of the character? "I like him because he’s basically Marvel’s Batman, thanks to Frank Miller basically. So for me I didn’t think they’d be able to sustain that sort of mood on TV but TV has changed so much. It’s come up so much that I think it might just be the right place." 

It could just be a matter of time before Marvel and Sony officially announce our new Spider-Man, because the latest report reckons Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game, Hugo) is not only the frontrunner, but might possibly have the role in the bag already. Latino Review's sources believe the 18-year-old actor is the favourite, with one of them pretty sure he's already been cast, claiming “Marvel had liked him since day one.”

After launching in 44 markets with $200.2M, Walt Disney’s Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron is setting foot in the states. Conservative estimates see the film doing safely $200M at the domestic B.O. at a total of 4,247 engagements, but industry estimates see the Marvel superhero team film easily kicking the first Avengers, which owns the highest domestic opening of all-time at $207.4M, aside with a bow of $210M-$230M. Note that $230M is a very aggressive estimate.

At the recent Los Angeles press day for the film, Collider landed an exclusive interview with Scarlett Johansson. She talked about the positive reception for the film, how much Kevin Feige has told her about Black Widow’s future, working with Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo again on Captain America: Civil War and what she thinks of them directing Avengers: Infinity War, her reaction to reading the Civil War script, her Marvel contract, and her thoughts on a solo Black Widow movie.

Obviously your character is an integral part of the Marvel universe and for the foreseeable future. How much has Kevin Feige told you, ‘This is where we’re going with the character’ and how much is it you figuring it out movie by movie?

JOHANSSON: I think in the grand scheme of things The Widow has a greater purpose, and I think all of the characters do one way or another. There’s definitely –especially with the Civil War coming up I think it’s pretty clear where the pieces will fall. I think all that we’ve built up to this point, in regards to our characters’ own individual kind of moral compass and thought process, and background, and training, and experience, will have us kind of siding one way or another. That part of it is –I know where I’m going, I’m not always sure how I’m gonna get there, and that is developed over each film.

You’re getting ready to film Civil War, which so many of us are so excited for, also because Spider-Man’s being brought into the picture and you’re working with Joe and Anthony Russo again. How excited are you to jump back in to something that so many fans are looking forward to?

JOHANSSON: I’m excited to work with the Russos again, they have a very different approach to this universe than Joss, just different. It will be interesting to see how they treat all of these new characters. When we were doing Cap 2 the film felt very much like we were doing a kind of ‘70s style car-chase political thriller; it had that kind of flavor, but they were also dealing with far less characters, the stakes were just different. Now with Civil War it’s gonna be interesting to see how they set up this next phase. I think Cap 3 is definitely sort of like a pre-Avengers 3 and 4, it feels like that, whereas Cap 2 didn’t feel like necessarily it was part of The Avengers. I mean, it does and it feels like a piece that fits in, but it didn’t feel like it was leading you into Avengers 2.

Have you read the script for Civil War? What was your reaction when you did?

JOHANSSON: I have read the script for Civil War. You know, the film has a very different feeling than kind of anything that I’ve read or been a part of Marvel’s before. These films are –I don’t think darker is the right word because there’s definitely always going to be some kind of levity and that comes in like a form of humor, or hope. When you compare these films to like Batman, it’s a different feeling obviously, it’s a different audience experience, but these films as the stakes loom like larger and larger I think these films are kind of maturing with the audience; so there’s even kind of more –I think– complex psychological twists that I sort of hadn’t necessarily anticipated.

Your relationship with Cap is so strong from Winter Soldier, does that automatically mean Black Widow sides with Cap in Civil War?

JOHANSSON: [Laugh]. I can’t say anything about that. [Laughs].

[Laughs] I had to try though.

JOHANSSON: I think that…It’s…I can’t say anything [Laughs].

There’s been a lot of talk that with Avengers: Infinity War Part I and II some of the cast might only be in Part II because of contracts. Are you in both parts of that, do you know?

JOHANSSON: I don’t know, I believe so. I have no idea exactly what shape those scripts are gonna take, so it’s too early to say.

I wanted to specifically ask a lot of the cast yesterday about contracts, because a lot of people are coming near the end of their contracts, and I don’t know what you signed on for, I don’t know if it’s public knowledge. But are you nearing the end of your contract?

JOHANSSON: My contract has changed; myself and Marvel didn’t really know how the fans were gonna react to Black Widow the first time and how she was gonna be—they couldn’t anticipate how they would want to user her or if they would want to use her. I mean we invest in that character, but the audience had a great reaction to the character, which has been so awesome. For instance, I wasn’t contracted into doing Cap movies, but that storyline worked out so well I kind of branched off and I found myself in that standalone movie. My contract is kind of mutating, I guess [Laughs] or morphed to fit the demand of the character.

So basically you still have multiple pictures left or it’s been a good relationship back and forth?

JOHANSSON: It’s been a very good relationship back and forth and I think Marvel—the one thing about working with them is they don’t want anybody to work in the movie that doesn’t want to be there, obviously. So whatever you’re contracted to should not feel like golden handcuffs, and they don’t want that either.

A lot of people want to see a solo Black Widow movie and were a little bit disappointed that on the epic schedule that Marvel released, there was no solo movie. How do you feel, do you want to have a solo movie on your own, or do you feel that maybe the character is best when it’s part of this group ensemble?

JOHANSSON: I think that there’s room for a standalone movie. The character has a really rich origin story and I’ve been really fortunate to kind of place all these layers on top of one another and kind of build up this character to this point where I think I can now start to peel them away and reveal different sides of her and really focus on—I think I’ve been able to grow with the character, the character’s been able to grow with me. Her dilemma that she faces it’s a deeply personal one, she has this great, huge, epic kind of calling and now is suddenly going, ‘Wait a minute. I have this epic calling, but I wanna make a choice for myself. I feel like I’ve put in the hours, I should be able to make active choices’ and she inevitably chooses the heroic path and kind of puts her own personal desires and needs aside. Those are things that kind of butt up against each other and interesting things happen when you have a character that’s pulled in many different directions and I think there’s –In my mind there’s room for plenty of more Black Widow and certainly more –I think I could see her in a standalone film.

If you don’t mind, have you actually asked Kevin, ‘Hey, Kevin…’?

JOHANSSON: I’ve spoken to Kevin about it. I mean, of course, of course we’ve had that conversation before, and I think Kevin would also like to see a standalone film. I think I can speak for him and say that. That’s all, really. Right now I think this character is used well in this part of the universe, but I think that Kevin, I mean, we’ve talked about it and we both share similar vision for what could be a standalone series.

And THAT'S ALL FOLKS!! Be sure for to check out more news here, and see you next week!

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