While promoting the release of Halo: Nightfall on blu-ray and DVD, this interview with star Mike Colter appeared to slip in under the radar.  While the article primarily focused on Colter's role as Agent Locke in 'Nightfall' and the forthcoming Halo 5: Guradians, the veteran actor also talked in-depth about his turn as Marvel blue-collar superhero, Luke Cage.

On his role in AKA Jessica Jones, Colter stated that Cage and Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones will have a history, prior to where the show initially drops viewers.  "I don't want to give too much away about how much he's involved in the 'A.K.A Jessica Jones' show but Jessica and Luke Cage have a history and a relationship. I don't how much will be revealed in the actual series, but yes, I play an integral part."

On what separates the Marvel Netflix heroes from their film counterparts in The Avengers, Colter hit the nail on the head.  "There will be action in [the Netflix shows] but these characters are trying to live normal lives, unlike some of the other characters in the Marvel cinematic universe. Those [Marvel movie characters] are first and foremost superheroes that are on a large platform. They've saved the world. But these [Netflix TV show] characters are really trying to focus on their neighborhood and New York City. It's a smaller story we're trying to tell."

On Cage specifically, Colter says that he keeps his cards very close to the chest.  "I wouldn't say he's the strong and silent type -- he does talk when he has something to say, it's just that he plays things close to his chest and he's not one to reveal too much right away. From what I've read, he seems to be a nuanced character with a lot of layers and a lot of secrets."

Just like fans, Colter is also anxious to learn who Marvel will cast for Iron Fist, the final member of The Defenders team.  "I think the person that they'll cast as Iron Fist will be someone hopefully who is not a tremendous fan. I like the idea that the actors that are cast in these iconic roles aren't so close to the material and they're not such fanboys that they're wrapped up in the idea. Because the idea of it and the actual execution of it can be so far apart."

While Colter notes that he hopes the actor cast as Iron Fist is not a comic book or Iron Fist fan per se, he did read comics when he was younger.  "I've dabbled. I did read comic books growing up and I did play some games but I don't spend copious amounts of hours doing either. I'm a man of moderation. I think a little bit of everything is OK but when you do too much of anything it becomes dangerous."

Source: C|net

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