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DC DELIGHTS #4: Everything And Anything DC

SO this DC Delights will be considered as the big one as it its pretty much two weeks worth of news crammed into one! We're talking Constantine, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham and to add the movie stuff also like Wonder Woman, Batman V Superman, George Miller's cancelled Justice League movie and a bunch more!

SO let us begin the journey of DC news!

Visual effects studios Important Looking Pirates and Crafty Apes have released videos showcasing the digital effects their artists created for NBC's Constantine.

Yes, the television series was cancelled earlier this month, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy cool effects that were designed for its first and probably only season. I especially like ILP's “Blessed Are The Damned” video because it shows the work that went into the wings and the flight of Imogen (Megan West) the Fallen Angel.

Check it all out in the videos below.

Regardless of how you felt about Season 1 of Gotham, the FOX show did manage to…

FAN STUFF SUNDAY #11: Marvel's Spider-Man, Kal-El's Journey, Terminator Concepts, And More!

So this week we have quite the blockbuster filled Fan Stuff Sunday, from Spider-Man to Superman, we can watch the sheer talent some fans have unfold right in front of us right here! To breakdown the rundown this week, we have Alex Luthor gives us a look at what we could get for Marvel's Spider-Man, Lord Mesa brings us more of the same adorable art, Ryan Crain shares his concept of what a terminator would look like, and Adeel of Steel presents Kal-El's journey to Earth!

Credits: Alex Luthor, Adeel of SteelLord Mesa, and Ryan Crain

SUICIDE SQUAD Set Photos & News Roundup; Joker's Lambo, Fast & Furious?, And More!

Well folks over the last week or so I have been collecting all that I could on Suicide Squad from set photos to videos and possibly a little more. Now let me preface this with a possible spoiler warning as a certain character turns up that may well be a honest surprise to some. But if you want to go on forward then go right ahead! As always enjoy!!
Watching Leto's Joker close-up - awesome in action #Joker #HarleyQuinn #SuicideSquad #WB #DC #gotham #gothamcity #davidayer #thejoker #JaredLeto #MargotRobbie #WillSmith #Batman #30secondstomars #echelon #echelonfamily A photo posted by Jonathan Encarnacion (@jonencar) on May 18, 2015 at 12:33am PDT

Joker and Harley having a domestic — epaqman (@epaqman83) May 18, 2015
@ComicBook_Movie Joker and Harley talking it out — epaqman (@epaqman83) May 18, 2015

The latest spy videos from the set of Suicide Squad capture Deadshot and Rick Flag leading…