Charlie Cox Talks DAREDEVIL Season Two Hopes And Adding The Logo To The Suit

When Daredevil was renewed for a second season, it was revealed that Steven S. DeKnight would not be returning to serve as showrunner. Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez have been confirmed to take over, and Charlie Cox had this to say when asked about the behind the scenes changes in a recent interview with IGN. "The show has had such a great response that I imagine we’ll be wanting to stick in that world and tonally feel we’re in the same universe. It’s very hard to know – when you’ve got a writer’s room and a showrunner it’s very hard to know who’s influencing the dialogue. Who’s influencing the structure of the scripts, the tone of it. I imagine it’s very much a collaborative process."

"I think in our show we’re more likely to see the likes of Bullseye, The Punisher and Elektra," Cox added when talk turned to which direction he hopes to see the second season of Daredevil head in. "I don’t know if any of those characters will appear, and also I don’t know what’s going to happen with Wilson Fisk. He’s certainly not out of the picture. Hopefully he’ll come back." Now, what about that red suit? While the small screen version of the Man Without Fear's classic costume has been well-received by fans, it was missing one key element. "As people who have seen the show will know, we do get to the more recognisable classic red suit by the end of the series. But at this point we don’t have the ‘DD’ on the chest so maybe that’s something that will evolve with this suit as we go further along the line. Maybe he’ll decide to get that printed on!"

Source: IGN

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