ARROW Adds Anarky And Mr. Terrific & THE FLASH Gets the Atom Smasher

Production is starting on Arrow’s eagerly awaited fourth season, and it sounds like there will be some familiar new characters mixing it up with Oliver Queen and his team of allies.

Echo Kellum (Ben and Kate) has been cast in the role of Curtis Holt, who will be the Arrow universe’s Mr. Terrific. He’s describe as “a technological savant and inventor who works at Palmer Technologies under the supervision of Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).”

While not as commonly known as the show’s emerald-clad protagonist, in the comics the brilliant martial artist Mr. Terrific has ties to Earth-2 and served on the Justice Society of America. He’s also the inventor of the T-Sphere, a floating AI device with a variety of capabilities. Usually a hero, Mister Terrific took a slightly more sinister turn in the recently weekly series The New 52: Futures End. Only time will tell what direction his characterization will take on Arrow.

Also announced by DC Comics was that Alexander Calvert (Bates Motel) will be taking on the recurring role of Lonnie Machin on Arrow. Machin, better known to DC Comics fans as Anarky, is a politically-motivated villain who traditionally has been an adversary to Batman (recently he’s appeared in Detective Comics, Batman: Arkham Origins and in the Beware the Batman animated series). He’s described on the show as “a deranged freelancing criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to impress a potential employer.”

While he’s often written as an anarchist, Anarky’s also been portrayed as a warrior for political, social and environmental justice who takes his often righteous causes to dangerous extremes. It sounds like—at least at first—Machin will be a little more straightforward on Arrow, but regardless, as a non-super-powered villain, Anarky should fit right into the slightly more grounded world of the show.

Finally, not to be left out of the casting announcement fun, it has been revealed that former WWE star Adam “Edge” Copeland will guest star on The Flash as Atom Smasher, who will appear in the second season premiere as a villain.

As described by the show, "One of the most powerful enemies we encounter this season, Atom Smasher has come to Central City to kill The Flash.  His incredible strength and ability to grow to enormous size makes him more than a match for Flash and the entire S.T.A.R. Labs team will have to come together to find a way to defeat him."

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