Random Idea Thought is essentially an editorial where I write some random ideas or thoughts I have on random things! This edition is tackling the idea of whether Marvel should make a Black Widow solo movie or opt for a mini-series approach! it should be noted that there may be some spoilers from Age of Ultron, Agent Carter, and more, so you have been warned!

People are begging, pleading, and sometimes threatening Marvel to make a Black Widow solo movie and to that I say to Marvel "don't make a solo MOVIE." I think a mini-series on either ABC or Netflix, preferably Netflix. In this mini-series have it in the same vain as Agent Carter, in that Widow is on an Avenger mission to search and destroy a part of an international criminal syndicate, like a rogue Hydra or Leviathan division just hell bent on creating chaos!

And Widow won't be alone as she will be acting as a S.O(supervising officer) to a couple of Avenger agents like the ones at the end of AOU! Possibly Scarlet Witch(Wanda Maximoff), Daisy Johnson(Skye from Agents of SHIELD), Sharon Carter(Agent 13 from Winter Soldier), and others!

This is just a framework for something Marvel could do in the future with the Black Widow character. If you have something different that is awesome and share it down below!


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